Alonzo Leftenant

Executive Chef

photo of  Alonzo Leftenant

Phone: 850-645-7283

Start by doing the necessary, then do what is possible, then suddenly you are doing the impossible. Chef Alonzo Leftenant has been striving to live by this truth throughout his life. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, he pursued his education and realized his love for the culinary arts. By 2010, Alonzo had made his way into the industry and garnered several awards along the way. Outside the kitchen, Alonzo is quick to spend time golfing and enjoying the outdoors with his wife, son, and daughter. While family is the number one priority for Leftenant, his passion for cooking is fueled by “the smile on someone’s face when they taste something great for the first time.” Alonzo moved to Tallahassee in 2013, and has worked a couple different concepts. Chef and his team welcome all to visit them at the Burr Family Renegade Grill.
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